Marcella Rothschild

Public Affairs Guard Corporal, Avalon 7th Infantry Color Guard


Avalon “Paragon” Line Infantry

“Every servant has his place, no matter how lowly or modest. To know it is his greatest comfort, to excel within it is his greatest solace, and his master’s contentment is his greatest reward.”

-Codex Administratum

Avalon is a picture-perfect Imperium world from design to colonization to function. Located in the Segmentum Solar, it is strictly maintained by the Administratum as an example of how an Imperium world should appear and function. Ships arrive frequently at its well-maintained ports with visiting officials from all strata of the Administratum to take tours of the cities and offices so that they might replicate their function on their home worlds. To the eyes of the touring officials, citizens, from the lowest subordinate to the highest adept, work with tireless enthusiasm at their tasks. Shift changes occur with military precision, cued by planet-wide vox-casters that endlessly transmit a mix of hymns, chants, and cants dedicated to the God-Emperor, readings from codeces, and carefully selected parables.

But citizens of Avalon are not born into the sterile jewels of form and function that exist across the planet’s surface. Instead, a lattice-work reflection of each city exists below it, functioning under the same strict vox-caster cues, molding children into poster-worthy exemplar citizens of the Empire. Any sign of mutation is stamped out with extreme prejudice. Those who show promise are placed with families in the cities above and expected to act with all the decorum of their station.

At the onset of biological maturation, a series of physical and psychological exams are taken to determine a citizen’s societal placement. Those who score well in both physical hardiness and attractiveness are placed into the planetary defense force. With very little extra-planetary threat, they are primarily responsible for maintaining order within the cities (above and below) and the escort of Administratum officials.

After four years of unblemished service with the planetary defense force, a citizen is eligible for enlistment into one of the Avalon Infantry Regiments of the Imperial Guard, also known as the Paragons. In addition to a standard Imperial Guard training, the Paragons are expected to maintain parade ground dress and demeanor at all times. Paragon Regiments are most often sent to worlds in need of a shining vision of military discipline to look up to (often much to the chagrin of the actual Imperial Guard units who forced the population into submission).

Home World: Imperial World (1)
  • Characteristics: +3 Willpower, +3 Fellowship
  • Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic)
  • Blessed Innocence: -5 on Forbidden Lores
  • Kill the Mutant: Hatred (Mutants)
Commanding Officer: Sanguine (2)
  • Talent: Die Hard
Regiment Type: Line Infantry (2)
  • Characteristics: +3 Strength, -3 Intelligence
  • Skills: Athletics
  • Talent: Rapid Reload
Training Doctrine: Close Order Drill (2)
  • Talent: Combat Formation
Training Doctrine: Shining Discipline (5)
  • Starting Aptitude: Social

Marcella Rothschild

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