Omar Jibril

A missile may not always be the right answer, but it will eliminate the question


Regiment: 11th Tallarn Desert Raiders

Regiment Type: Light Infantry
Doctrine: Sharpshooter

+3 Agility
+3 Perception

Starting Skills: Navigate (surface), Survival
Starting Talents: Deadeye Shot, Foresight, Sprint

Specialty: Heavy Gunner

+ 5 Toughhness

Talents: Iron Jaw, Weapon Training
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Defense, Fellowship, Offense, Perception, Toughness


Notice of Disciplinary Action – Battle Dekka Ridge

Part I: Executive Summary

General Description

Company Delta was tasked with repelling approximately 35 Dark Eldar vehicles
and support infantry attempting to raid the settlement of Minha Bar.


Violation of Article IV, Section 2, Part xvi, Damaging weapons or equipment accidentally.

On stated date above, trooper Jibril, did use his issued equipment in a reckless manner
causing dents and scratches upon his Mark IV missile launcher.

Extenuating Circumstances

Subject had run out of ammunition and was bashing an enemy soldier about the
head with his weapon.

Part II: Disciplinary Measures

Recommended action

Trooper Jibril will be flogged not less than 40 lashes.

Further Comments

Violation of part xii, Running out of ammunition during a combat situation
is hereby waived as a result of an otherwise clean record and for killing the
enemy in an unorthodox and inventive manner.


Lt. Col. Hassan Bashir
Acting Commander

Omar Jibril

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