Blood and Mud

First Patrol

Begin Report:

2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 1111th Cadian Light Infantry
Sergeant Marcella Rothschild, squad leader
Squad Roster: Sgt. Rothschild, Spc. Vershinen; Spc. Apiar; Pvt. Jibril; PFC Ramirez; Spc. Morris; Pvt. Carnelia; Pvt. Said. Commissar Krystiana accompanying.

Patrolled Grid Coordinates HZT-216, -215, -214, -213.
Engaged hostiles via enemy ambush. 9 enemy KIA, 1 captured. Remaining enemy withdrawn (estimate 3 soldiers).
Squad Casualties: Zero.
Intel/Strategic Notes: Enemy employed at least one mutant, KIA. Enemy appears organized and trained but not expert. Propaganda materials display consistent themes of “defending the youth of Praxia” from Imperial abduction.

Long-range comms interference continues.

Immediate Status: Have located large, intact structure isolated from surrounding urban area that may be suitable as a forward HQ. Moving in to investigate.

Pvt. Morris, reporting per Sgt. Rothschild

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