Character Creation

Character Creation

Characters shall generally be created as per the Only War core book. Exceptions may be made for character types better-suited to rules from Dark Heresy.

Regiment Creation

The core rulebook holds that PCs originate from the same regiment and homeworld. In this campaign, PCs are all survivors of different smashed regiments. Each PC may develop her original regiment independently of the others, though players are certainly welcome to collaborate.

*Regiments are developed out of a 12 point scale per the rulebook.
*While players are free to select a “Special Equipment Doctrine,” all are forewarned that the Logistics rules will likely not be in play for long in this campaign.
*Ignore all references to squad vehicles.

Character Types

Players may select any of the five Guardsmen specialties (Heavy Gunner, Medic, Operator, Sergeant, Weapons Specialist).
Players may also choose Support Specialists from Commissar, Ministorum Priest, Sanctioned Psyker, Storm Trooper and Tech-Priest Engineer. PCs may NOT be Ogryns or Ratlings.


All characteristics shall be developed by point allocation.
*All characteristics start at a base of 25, rather than 20 as per the rulebook.
*Players then allocate 100 points among their characteristics. No more than 20 points may be placed in any single skill (though later bonuses still apply).

*Starting XP for Guardsmen is 1100. Starting XP for Support Specialists is 800.

Wounds and Fate Points

PCs begin with 3 Fate Points. PCs also begin with the maximum Wounds by character type; do not roll dice for this.

Comrades will be created as per the rulebook.

Starting equipment will be determined as per the rulebook.

Character Creation

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