Population: 32 billion (est.)
Tithe Grade: Indeterminate; rebellion in progress
Geography: Climate temperate to tropical with six main continents. Polar icecaps, equatorial deserts and savannahs. Multiple hives across continents. Primary hives are Endorron, Cyan and Edskie.
One small moon with extinct colony hive. Geostationary orbital docks and shipyards have been largely destroyed. Significant orbital debris remains.

Government Type: Rebellious monarchy with supporting noble houses. Queen Lena of House Tremaine stands as the current ruler, supported by Houses Anthorp and Wuuskva.
Houses Fiyero, Monthal, Durresst and Talty have sworn allegiance to the Imperium.

Adept Presence: Adeptus Terra, Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, and Adeptus Arbites have established presences in the Imperium-loyal hives of Cyan, Kolskye and smaller locations. Adeptus Astra Telepathica has a small presence esconced within the Imperial Guard legions at Cyan.

Military: Royal Army of Praxia and private armies of rebellious noble households provide a medium/high quality resistance against Imperial Guard forces deployed to the planet. Imperium-loyal forces provide low/medium quality assistance to the Imperial Guard.

Trade: Though stretched to its limits, Praxia has proven remarkably self-sufficient. It once held valuable mineral and gas resources, though these have long since been depleted. Once a hub of sector activity, Praxia’s neighboring planets and asteroids provided raw materials for its shipyards. Efficient management of its ocean and savannah-based agriculture provided for its burgeoning population, with a dedicated recycling plan managing other tapped resources.

Once a proud, productive member of the Imperium, Praxia has gone silent and unnoticed for the past century. Its cities are ancient; human settlements on the planet date back to before the Great Crusade. Praxia’s conquest by the Blood Angels was a fine example of the abilities of the Adeptus Astartes; it is held that the Primarch of that very chapter took part in its reclamation personally.

For the past century, however, Praxia has been silent. Spacecraft from her great shipyards can be found throughout the sector and beyond, yet the planet had all but disappeared off of the Imperial map.

Seven years ago, when the Black Ships returned, the planet’s treason was revealed. Queen Lena refused to provide her psykers. Intelligence derived from houses still loyal to the Imperium revealed a mutant population allowed to grow unchecked in the depths of several hives.

Planetary reclamation has become the order of the day for the Imperial Guard. The initial landings have not gone well. Praxia’s defense forces have proven cagey and firm, but the worst disruptions have come from xenos interference. Raids by Eldar craft have occurred several times, destroying ships and materiel and ruining major offensives.


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