Standard Regimental Kit and Logistics Modifiers

Colonel Marcelle has ensured that, at a minimum, all Guardsmen under her command have been provided with the following:
One set of poor weather gear
one laspistol and two charge packs
one knife
one set of Guard Flak Armor
one rucksack or sling bag
one set of basic tools
one mess kit
one water canteen
one blanket and one sleeping bag
one rechargeable lamp pack
one grooming kit
one set of cognomen tags
one Uplifting Primer and Infantryman’s Handbook
two weeks’ combat rations.

Logistics modifiers at the opening of the game will be as follows:
Logistics Modifiers:

Time at Front: 1-5 Years (20)
Front Active: 1-5 Years (
War Conditions: Faltering (-20)

Standard Modifier: +20 to Logistics rolls, using “Multiple Regiments” column on Table 6-2, page 163.

Standard Regimental Kit and Logistics Modifiers

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