The 1111th Cadian Light Infantry Regiment

Commanding Officer: Colonel Shandra Marcelle

Col. Marcelle is a prime example of the Cadian military tradition: stalwart, proficient, professional and level-headed. Still possessed of the natural beauty of her youth, Marcelle has risen through the ranks after slogging it out with xenos and rebels on a number of worlds. Though low-born, her service has won the patronage of a handful of noble houses and high-ranking officers who have seen to her health and professional growth.

The 1111th has a remarkably low casualty rate given its long list of accomplishments and responsibilities in the field. The unofficial motto of the 1111th is, “A soldier only wins by surviving.” Several have frowned upon this practice, but Col. Marcelle herself has repeatedly defended the attitude—for the Emperor’s servants can no longer kill the enemy when they are dead.

3rd Platoon, Bravo Company

Platoon Leader: Lieutenant Darrien Mordecai

A native of Ichabarr and survivor of the Ichabarr 86th Armored Regiment, Mordecai is the scion of a noble house and doesn’t let anyone forget it. His personal assistant, Sigismund, is always at his side. Mordecai has made no secret of his inexperience in the infantry; he’s a tank commander by training and a noble by birth, but he refuses to make excuses (while he makes excuses).

The 1111th Cadian Light Infantry Regiment

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