Felicia Apiar

Sanctioned Psyker


Custom Regiment: 57th Harvenotian Tactical Reconnaissance, “Overlanders”

Origin: Schola Progenium (3)
  • +3 Willpower, +3 Ballistics Skill
  • Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (War), Linguistics (High Gothic), Linguistics (Low Gothic)
  • Starting Talent: Unshakable Faith
  • +1 starting Wound

Commanding Officer: Maverick (2)
  • Starting Talent: Resistance (Fear)

Regiment Type: Reconnaissance (3)
  • Characteristics: +3 Perception, -3 Willpower
  • Starting Skill: Awareness
  • Starting Talent: Combat Sense

Doctrine: Survivalists, Urban Ruins (4)
  • Starting Aptitude: Agility
  • When operating in the specified terrain, character may reroll failed Survival and Navigate (Surface) Skill Tests.



FROM: Commissar Cadet Sebastion Makradey, 2nd Platoon, 57th Harvenotian Tactical Reconnaissance Regiment
TO: Commissar Constance Ephrahim, Regimental Headquarters

Madam Commissar,

In regards to the matter of [REDACTED], [REDACTED] to [REDACTED]. The soldiers involved have been remanded to [REDACTED], and I am certain that the general morale of the unit will improve, once sufficient time has elapsed.

Colonel Yorke toured the men yesterday with [REDACTED]. While I understand that the Colonel’s service record is exemplary, I am concerned that his lax attitudes toward authority are being emulated by his troops, and that the upcoming action on [REDACTED] will suffer due to the resulting lack of discipline.

In particular, I feel that I must report on the behavior of Lt. Grosney, in command of the 2nd Platoon, regarding his inappropriate attitude toward Specialist Apiar, one of the Sanctioned Psykers currently assigned to work with the 2nd. It has come to my attention that Lt. Grosney has held private conversations with Specialist Apiar on several occasions—even to the point of inviting her to dine with him and his NCOs. In addition, Lt. Grosney has, to my knowledge, on two different occasions, ordered his Sergeants to follow Specialist Apiar’s instructions! Fortunately, Sergeant FitzRoy made a full report to me, and I was able to countermand said orders the second time.

When I confronted Lt. Grosney about his inappropriate and, indeed, dangerous familiarity with Specialist Apiar, he informed me that he “trusted” her, because prior to her removal to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica she apparently was part of his cohort at the Harvenot Schola Progenium. I informed Lt. Grosney that all inappropriate behavior was to cease, but I am afraid that he does not appreciate the danger in which he is placing both himself and his men. In fact, he told me quite bluntly that his previous Commissar (killed in last month’s assault on [REDACTED]) had no issues with his behavior towards Specialist Apiar.

Prior to this incident, Lt. Grosney had served with the utmost loyalty and distinction. I believe that it is necessary to remove the Psyker from his unit before she completely corrupts an otherwise excellent young officer and causes the destruction of the entire platoon. It is my opinion that without her presence, Lt. Grosney’s previously exemplary record will resume.

It is my understanding that support troops have been requested to supplement several units involved in the current conflict on [REDACTED]. I strongly recommend that Specialist Apiar be transferred to a Regiment in which it may be certain that she has no prior contact with anyone in her unit.

In His Service,
Sebastion Makradey


Felicia Apiar

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